Hopscotch Story Starters!



This is for any writers (or coders, I suppose, if you wanted to code these) who have no ideas. It happens to everyone, and it is maddening.

So, I made this! I warn you now, if you wanted to write a normal, sane-sounding story, do not use these story starters. These are forum based, and therefore feature the ever present jumpyduckz, dank memes, and smol holes.

1. (Sentence start)
  1. A long time ago
  2. Once upon a time
  3. 50 years in the future
  4. In a far off land
  5. Sometime in HS history
  6. This one time
  7. 5 years ago
  8. In a galaxy far far away
  9. In the cupboard under the staircase
  10. One day
  11. At the beginning of time
  12. Near end of time
  13. 5 years in the future
  14. In the middle of bustling NYC
  15. In the middle of the desert
  16. While sailing the seven seas
  17. In a magical forest
  18. In a regular forest
  19. After eating a smol potato
  20. After taking Dr. Snowflakes’s prescribed dank memes

2. (Person)
  1. Maltese
  2. Bananadog
  3. Poptart0219
  4. SmilingSnowflakes
  5. CreativeCoder
  6. Caramel_Puffin
  7. Pingu
  8. Kiwicute2016
  9. BuildASnowman
  10. Intellection74
  11. smishsmash
  12. Gilbert189
  13. GysvANDRegulus
  14. You
  15. Anonymous
  16. KVJ
  17. Mathgirl
  18. Qusid
  19. System
  20. Meerur

3. (Verb)
  1. Went on a quest to save the
  2. Tried to find the mystic
  3. Ate a
  4. Fell down a
  5. Made a collab about
  6. Created a topic about
  7. Drew a picture of a
  8. Made a HS project about
  9. Coded a
  10. Reported a
  11. Closed a topic about
  12. Went on a vacation with a
  13. Promoted a (the noun you choose below) to a mod
  14. Made an alternate account for a
  15. Tried to find anagrams of a
  16. Fed a
  17. Adopted a
  18. Went to the beach with a
  19. Was spam-liked by a
  20. Spam-liked a

4. (Noun)
  1. Jumpyduck(z)
  2. Crouchychakin(z)
  3. Wrench(es)
  4. Smol hole(s)
  5. Puffin(s)
  6. Homemade donut(s)
  7. Squid(s)
  8. Iguana(s)
  9. Potato(es)
  10. Nope(s)
  11. Veggie(s)
  12. Dank meme(s)
  13. Cat(s)
  14. Dog(s)
  15. Obsolete corn
  16. Gif(s)
  17. Stock photo(s)
  18. The drawing topic
  19. Frappuccino(s)
  20. Pun(s)

With his/her best friend,

5. (Person)
  1. Maltese
  2. Bananadog
  3. Gilbert189
  4. SmilingSnowflakes
  5. CreativeCoder
  6. Caramel_Puffin
  7. No one
  8. Pingu
  9. BuildASnowman
  10. Intellection74
  11. smishsmash
  12. Poptart0219
  13. Kiwicute2016
  14. GysvANDRegulus
  15. Anonymous
  16. KVJ
  17. Mathgirl
  18. Qusid
  19. System
  20. Meerur

Along the way they found a(n)

6. (Adjective)
  1. Smol
  2. Beeg
  3. Mystical
  4. Sacred
  5. Loud
  6. Potato-esque
  7. Amazing
  8. Helpful
  9. Deadly
  10. Sweggy
  11. Beautiful
  12. Magical
  13. Muddy
  14. Bipedal
  15. Genius
  16. Robot
  17. Gnarly
  18. Feathered
  19. Tusked
  20. Withered

7. (Noun)
  1. Jumpyduck
  2. Crouchychakin
  3. Wrench
  4. Smol hole
  5. Puffin
  6. Homemade donut
  7. Squid
  8. Iguana
  9. Potato
  10. Nope
  11. Veggie
  12. Dank meme
  13. Cat
  14. Dog
  15. Obsolete corn
  16. Gif(s)
  17. Stock photo(s)
  18. The drawing topic
  19. Frappuccino(s)
  20. Pun(s)


8. (Verb)
  1. Helped them
  2. Helped them but then betrayed them later
  3. Gave them to the nopes
  4. Gave them homemade donuts
  5. Smacked them with a stick
  6. Stole their stuff
  7. Gave them to the wrenches
  8. Bought them dinner
  9. Gave them $15.50
  10. Magically summoned a frappuccino
  11. Threw a wrench at them
  12. Gave them a map to a Hogwarts
  13. Brainwashed them with kiddie tv shows
  14. Sold them a bunch of junk from an infomercial
  15. Played Pokemon GO
  16. Charged them $100.99
  17. Waged a nope war against them
  18. Poked them repeatedly until they got really annoyed
  19. Trapped them
  20. Closed the drawing topic


So basically, you choose 8 random numbers, each 1-20.
Then you open the story starter blocks and choose the option corresponding to the number you chose.
Then you can write out the story starter, including the words in between (i.e. “With his/her best friend,” “Along the way they found a(n),” and “That.”)
You can post the starters you got below, because they’re bound to be amusing.
Then you can write the corresponding story, and post it below as well.
These are mainly for fun, and will end up with highly amusing stories. If you wanted a serious story with a serious plot, you need to back slowly out of this topic, perhaps holding a chair to drive the topic and its craziness back.

Numbers- 2,7,3,12,6,6,6,13
Story starter- Once upon a time, Pingu ate a dank meme with her best friend, Caramel Puffin. Along the way they found a potato-esque homemade donut that brainwashed them with kiddie tv shows.

(The weird thing? Some of those actually connected to actual forum discussions.)

How could this go wrong? :wink:


Awesome topic! I can't wait to see some crazy stories!


Thanks! :DD


Great topic! It's really funny, and Hopscotch related!

Here's my story:

At the beginning of time, @PopTart0219 coded a squid with her best friend, @Bananadog . Along the way they found a feathered dank meme that waged a nope war against them.


Sorry if I got any genders/capitalization wrong!


Maybe turn global edit on? So we can add things?


Nice topic! :D

Here's the story I got:

A long time ago, Caramel_Puffin was spam-liked by a crouchychakin with her best friend, CreativeCoder. Along the way, they found a withered dog that gave them to the nopes.


19, 5, 2, 11, 15, 9, 8, 3

After eating a smol potato, @CreativeCoder tried to find the mystic veggie with her best fren, @Anonymous. Along the way they found a deadly iguana that gave them to the Nopes.

K that is the starter here is the middle

But they were confused because @Gilbert189 is iguana squid gecko Jumpyduckz Jr. Who is a wrench. Why would an iguana give them to the Nopes?

Now for the finisher

After contemplating this for a long time @CreativeCoder finally realized it was right in front of her all along. She swiped the mystic veggie from the Nopes and ran back home with @Anonymous to eat the veggie.




Thanks @Serenity and @Mathgirl! That really means a lot to me. :DDD

Thank you for the suggestion, @William04GamerA, but I'm only a member, so I can't. Also, the sections would get unbalanced (i.e. nouns would have 24 while adjectives would only have 20, and you'd have to choose from a different range of numbers for each section, which would just be complicated). I really do appreciate the idea, but it might get confusing. :slight_smile:


8, 12, 2, 16, 19, 4, 9, 20

In a galaxy far, far away, @Gilbert189 tried to find the mystic gif with his best friend @system. Along the way, they found a sacred potato that did nothing.

:000 there's no 20 in the final verb section!!! @Caramel_Puffin?

Gilbert, you traitor! XD



Thanks for pointing that out! I accidentally skipped number 11... :sweat_smile:

So the sacred potato closed the drawing topic. XD


Ok, I understand. Great list!


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