Hopscotch Story/Projects and Drawings Related To It



Hey guys!

A new Hopscotch story is coming, with projects and drawings by you! I'll make challenges you can participate in if you enjoy the story!
This story is about a new forumer, yet an experienced Hopscotcher who is trying to join the Regular Squad, a group of regulars who seem awesome. However, when a few flame wars arise, she needs to rescue the Squad and save Hopscotch from the haters! Anyone can make projects about it and participate in the challenges.

What are the challenges like?

Making projects and drawings about the story can happen anytime, but these challenges are specific and related to certain parts of the story. Each one is unique!
The first challenge can be released when the full Part One is. I'll come up with it, and anyone can do it! It'll be fun. Nobody has to do them, and there are no winners or prizes. They're just fun!

Can I be a character or write?

I am not accepting requests for people to be in, although feel free to suggest characters. You might get in, just wait and see! They'll be fun to read anyways. Also, people can't write this with me. I want to write it myself, though ideas and help are very welcome! If you want to be in it, just make yourself noticed and I'll see if I find you interesting! Please suggest people, I need plenty of regulars, mods, leaders, haters, and more as characters! If you are in it or suggest yourself, please note that your character may be a villain, minor character, and something bad may happen to them.

When can I start reading?

Whenever I start writing! It'll be written down here and you can see previews until it's done. Make sure to check back in now and then for the story. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN IT'S DONE, TELL ME AND YOU WILL BE TAGGED THEN.

Story In Progress Below

The Story

She was scrolling through projects. Extremely bored, @Bubbles4Ever929 sat there on her bed and tapped the screen whenever she saw something interesting. Tap. Nope... Scroll. Scroll. Tap. Nah... Scroll. Scroll. Huh? What was this? The Hopscotch Team had posted a project? 'Join the Forums!' Bubbles4Ever929 thought this was interesting. She texted her friend @SmilingSnowflakes to come over and check it out.

A few minutes later, SS appeared in her room and grinned. "What's the deal about this project?" Then Bubbles said excitedly, "The Hopscotch Team said something about a forum!!" SS laughed. "That? It's been around for almost a year!" B4E raised her eyebrows. "Really? Never heard of-" Suddenly, SS had tapped the project. Bubbles4Ever gasped. They were getting sucked into a- a- wait. Were they getting sucked into something? For a second, it felt like they had. Then they noticed that they needed to open their eyes. B4E opened one. Then the other. Then she opened her mouth. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" They were both in the Forums. No, not on the forums, literally in the forums as a place! A few other people were standing around. They were... stick figures?! SS shook her head. "Nope. This is not happening." Bubbles heard a laugh. The voice said, "It suuuuuuuure is!"

Bubbles and Snowy looked up. A girl with a 'KC' on her face, a pink and green cape, a golden badge, and an amused voice looked down at them. Bubbles stood up. Snowy asked, "Who are you...? OH! Your face! You must be @Kiwicute2016!" Kiwicute nodded, her cape making it obvious she was somehow important. She said,

"Yep! Hi SS! I know this is weird, but we're all here in the forums because THT is having... erm... technical problems. @Liza accidentally coded the mad bot to... trap us. Soooooo... hey! Who's that?" Bubbles said, "I'm Bubbles4Ever929." Kiwi squealed. "Oh!!! You finally joined the Forums! I mean, not that you had a choice." Snowy laughed and then was whisked away by a yell from several people wearing cloaks that only covered their shoulders and silver badges. They rushed by towards a topic. "REGULARS COMING THROUGH! OFFENSIVE TOPIC ALERT!" The 'regulars' started fiddling with it. "Have you changed the title? Get rid of those mean tags! Oh my goodness, get it to lounge! I don't want it to offend people!" They clicked a button and they were suddenly invisible. KC said, "They put it in the regular lounge. Only regs can see it. I need to go close it!" She flew off, and through a door that obviously led to the lounge.

Bubbles frowned. "What do we do now?" Snowy said, "Well, how about we get you some badges? I'm a leader, so I know all about them..." Bubbles asked, "What do you mean by badges? Leader? And what about those regular people?!"

Snowy thought for a moment. "Well, if you reach certain goals, you get badges. The important ones are Trust Levels. They're your ranking. The higher the badge, the more power and abilities you have!"

"Oh, I get it. What are the trust levels?" Bubbles asked. Snowy answered, "First is basic. That's the beginner badge. Very soon, basics become members. They're the average users. They can do more stuff. Then comes Regular. They're sort of the elite members, but nowhere near as good as the next one, Leader! Leaders are amazing. They have all sorts of powers and get these cool capes!" SS let her blue cape flap in the wind. "Then you have the best of the best, our moderators! They can do anything. Almost. They are leaders with extra power!"

Bubbles understood this, and watched the Regular Squad practically fly past them. "I want to be like them..."
"Oh, nothing..."


What should I do to be a character?


@treefrogstudios, Can I be a character?


@treefrogstudios can I be a character also?


See above. Suggest, don't request! Anyways,

we'll see!

I'm putting these here so I can choose who to put in the Regular Squad and who to be in certain groups:


Thx u for including me in the story!

I'm gonna do this.

(If I'm not too busy)


I will do dis c:
I would like to be tagged for when this starts! c:


I'll be in the regular squad, preferredly.

I was demoted, maybe I could change to that squad in the story at one point?

I would like to be tagged when it is done.


It's kind of weird for me to be like, not a regular XD

I just read the second chapter and I love it! Can't wait for the next one.

I might go do some fanart rn


Fanart Yey

It's me and @SmilingSnowflakes getting sucked into the iPad or whatever

And I forgot the hair.



This sounds really interesting! Could you tag me every time you update it, or would that be too much?


That'd be hard but I'll tag you every so often :3



Whoa, great story! :D
Can you tag me when it's done or whenever you have challenges?
Also, it would be cool if I was is the story! I would prefer being in the Regular Squad, but I don't mind if I'm a villain, minor character, and something bad happens to me. :D
Again awesome story! You're a great writer. Why would @Liza code @system to suck us in, though? XD



She accidentally coded System to suck us in!