Hopscotch STORY POLL



So @LotsaPizza, @CreativeCoder, @Follow4LikesOfficial, and @Rawrbear have been working on the hopscotch story. I have an idea, but I need data.

We should...

  • Publish the book now, and make a sequel (cuz there's a cliffhanger)
  • Publish it as one book
  • Other. (Please comment)



Take parts of the story and publish on the forum (also when am i in it)


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We're doing one book. No cliffhangers. Period.

(sorry if I'm being strict but I don't want to do cliffhangers)




Then we might need to speed up the writing


People can wait. We're not rushing and doing poor work just because they want to see it.


Yes but we got nothing done in like 2 days


It is holiday/Christmas break -.-


No need to start a fight.


ahha i thought u were trigered