Hopscotch story ideas?


I want to make a hopscotch story, and I've got 0% of ideas in my brain. So can anyone please help me? That would be nice.

Also credit to @Destined_Taco1 and @Dude73 and @Bubbles4Ever929 for the story ideas, and I want to make one too.

Hopscotch book sign ups here! 9 spots left!

Maybe one about a part of Hopscotch's history.


*hem hem I think you should add me to that list. I'm almost finished with the first chapter.


History? Maybe, not too sure


Right. I sign up for lots of stories, so I can't remember all topic creators


A part of Hopscotch's history. If you need info, ask @admins and @moderators. @Liza and @Kiwicute2016 probably know the history best.


I'm thinking something like a historical hopscotcher that these modern day hopscotchers meet, and yea, but I need a problem for my story.


Maybe when they almost left? If it is historical, then you should ask the Hopscotcher.


Any other ideas for my story?


I really like the historical character idea! If you do decide to do one, can I be a character and edit the story?

What if the story is set in the future, and HS is falling apart. Some future Hopscotchers travel back in time, and ask some current day HSers for help.


A person being trapped in hopscotch and must code their way out to the real world :D


Or a story about the perspective of one of the hopscotch characters :3


@RubyStars @Destined_Taco1 great ideas! Thanks a lot!


I'm thinking 3 kids get trapped in Hopscotch and learn how to code. One day they find out that hopscotch is destroyed, and travel back in time to older hopscotchers to ask what to do, and then they code their way out to the real world. That could be part 1, and part 2 would be saving hopscotch world.

Thanks @RubyStars and @Destined_Taco1 for your awesome ideas! And yea, @RubyStars, you can edit and be a character.