Hopscotch story cover


@Rawrbear I'll get you a link for it in the web player anyways

Edit: nvm, my iPad's dead ._.
I'll give you the link when I can charge it (idk...sometime soon?)


Oh yeah.. :sweat_smile: I'll try! :wink:

This will make you triple facepalm

Can you link me to it though?


Awesome idea, I am LITTERLY like this: :smiley: (and I'm a boy as well, being girly is an awesome gift you have taught me!)


Why, thank you! I got an A+ in it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I tried to put a pretzel in my mouth and I missed,,,, twice


Good for you, PopTart. What an accomplishment that is so relevant to the conversation ;P


Sorry, I thought that was funny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, @Follow4LikesOfficial gave me access to the story, I'm not going to change anything except for grammar. You called MagmaPOP a girl once, so I fixed it :wink:


If you're an editor add yourself to the about the authors section (even if you're not an author XP). Beware for unwanted changes to it (cough, F4LO, cough)




@Rawrbear remember this picture


lol yeah