Hopscotch story cover


@Rawrbear post a picture of what you have so far.


I'll do it when I get on a computer. :wink:


Rawrbear has this!


I'll try to make one as well. :3


For the Hopscotch Story!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know, F4LO always tries to be funny, just trying to be like my idol... (one one them...)



@Follow4LikesOfficial, I'm logging in now. I'll snip it! :wink:

Spoiler Alert!

May I have one guess? PLEASE????? You guessed me!! :grin:

Another Spoiler Alert!!!

Okay, so:

  • You can solve stuff easily (Like riddles and anonymous accounts) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  • You might be the Illuminati
  • You use memes a lot

So, are you:

  • PurpleHawk
  • MagmaPOP
  • FumpyEwok
  • hansonnoah

I'll make more guesses later! :yum:


Oh, boy :sweat_smile:

I am not hansonnoah, nor @MagmaPOP, Nor frumpyewok, nor Purplehawk.

(I have talked to MagmaPOP a couple of times, and since I am sane, I would not start a conversation with myself)


Are you awesome
(list every possible answer there is)


No I am follow 4 likes official


a10? Kluni? DaLuvlypingu? Idk..


Every possible answer?





You Kluni? That made no sense


He asked for every possible answer so....


Every possible answer that is correct
(just want to repeat, but your great at riddles!)


How did you know my gender?????????????


I guessed. :stuck_out_tongue: you talk like a boy


Yeah, you do. Before these new avatars, it was pretty easy to tell if you were a girl or a boy.