Hopscotch story, any ideas?



So I REALLY want to write, and I wanted to share my writing skills with the forum community! Now, I am having a bit of a brain fart, so do you guys have any ideas for what the storyline should be? After I choose an idea, I will let you guys be in the story with characters of your choice!


A... Story of the hopscotch characters meeting hopscotchers?
Or... Hopscotchers meeting hopscotch characters?

And interacting with them! :D
Like solving glitches in code... Or something. :D

I might come up with more ideas later! :D


I am giving myself ideas, because why not?
- zombear has made clones of himself to terrorize hopscotch city
- hopscotchers are being sucked into hopscotch
- a hopscotcher is actually an evil person
- a girl invents a way to literally be in hopscotch.


The hopscotch characters run away... The hopscotchers go on an adventure to find them...


The world of of hopscotch is under attack and 3 brave hopscotchers go to stop the evil hopscotch
Can I be in the story? Please? I :pray:🏻 U


Something with the hopscotch characters? It will be really cool! Do you want to do a collab sometime?


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@Dude73 That "A Hopscotcher is actually a evil person" idea you said was in @CreativeCoder's book "Hopscotchified".

This is a spoiler of the book

It was PopTart0219


I was thinking you could write about the different areas of Hopscotch (Featured, trending, etc.) and make them kingdoms?


I would love to do a collab! Thank you so much for asking, it is a great honor to me. :blush:


I think I have decided. I REALLY love @LGBT.Coder's kingdom idea. I am going to use that, and there will be a twist. The hopscotch characters run away and 3 brave friends must go to save them. (Credit to @Stick88, @SparkyKat for the last bit)


Cool! Good luck! Tell me if you need help.


Good luck!


Wait a second... :thinking: Aren't you in my writing club? Oh wait, actually I guess since we haven't written anything yet it's ok.


I am in the club, but I like to write, so this is for fun.


Aww thx! Can I be one of the brave kids?


I am going to take character forms in a second.


Yay! Also can u reserve a main character form 4 me? Because I go to school and I will have to wait


I will save one for you, don't worry. :blush:


Thank u, u are so kind​:innocent: