Hopscotch Stores!



Welcome To The Hopscotch Stores!

So basically what this is, is a place where you can put the links of your Hopscotch Store or create your store here!

What This Is

  1. You put items for "sale" and people "buy" them for likes and follows!
  2. Once they pay you for it then you do it for them!

The Stores!

CodePerfect's Store

Daily Store Shoutout!

Here is the store shoutout for the day! It is:




Great idea, but there's already a topic for this :0

But, you could make your own one I guess! Just thought I'd let you know :D


Here is my store:

A shoutout on the forum- 5 likes

Request a game and I'll make it- 5 likes

5 likes on your projects- 3 likes

10 likes on your projects- 5 likes

A follow- 2 likes

A follow and five likes- 4 likes

Just tell me what you want to buy, like the amount of my projects on hopscotch, and I'll do want you wanted!
(Just like @CodePerfect store, great idea :+1:)


Awesome! I will put it in the stores section!


Do you want to put a store up? Also when I searched it up I didn't find anything like it.


:smile::grinning::smiley::smile::grinning::smiley::laughing::smile::grinning::smiley::laughing::smile::grinning::smiley::laughing::smile::grinning::grin::grin: Lol


I am going to put the post on wiki edit, so that you can add your store! @lollypopcorn


Okay, not really sure what that is, but okay!


245 day bump! Should we do this again?


Yes! We should do it again!