Hopscotch Stickers App Idea! Poll



Hey guys! I think that so many people created stickers apps,even Angry Birds have one app for stickers! Do you think that Hopscotch have to create an app with stickers for Messages?-LunaMorgana387 :crescent_moon::tm:

  • Yes,I agree,stickers are cool!
  • No,we don't need it.


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But a kind off, thats what i think


They are cool! I think the game changers could be stickers, and that THT will hos a contest every month, and the winner will have their project as a sticker in the app.


Yasssss senpai @Rodrigo voted "Yes, I agree"!


I think that is good to have Hopscotch stickers, no? TheGreenBanana and MobCraft disagree by now.


Kind of.... Though tam I can't use it... I have an iPhone 4S btw off topic but I think the font on his account names changed.


You have to vote until October 19! In that day I will close the poll and I will tell the Hopscotch Team about this poll.Bye!:slight_smile:


I don't think so

I mean I wouldn't use it to text my friends. I would be the joke of the week. I'm Popular so I can't go around texting coding app stuff


Why would we text our friends Hopscotch stickers?


Poll closed!Thanks for voting!!!


Thanks specially to Montoya and Rodrigo,from the moderators group,for voting!Thanks to all for voting too!