Hopscotch Stealing


I know that there's an official name for remixing and stealing credit, but I don't know what it is. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But, I found a theft in Hopscotch. Evidence below.

As you can see here, Funky remixed a project from FIFA 15 ultimate team, and published it 2 hours before I screeenshotted this. But, we also see his trademark "Made by r Funky 63". I wanted to figure out what was going on, so I went to FIFA 15 ultimate team's profile and saw this Here is what I found. Exact same code, exact same game, but with a few differences. No Funky 63 trademark, and published before Funky's. So, I'm asking for advice. What should we do about this? How would we report this? UPDATE: Ok, apparently Funky published this like a year ago. So, obvs FIFA is the thief. Sorry about that guys. Anyhow, how would we report this?


Funky published this project like 1 year ago


Yeah, what Anon said. :smile:


Actually, funky made this like 2 years ago. So FIFA 15's the theif...


Oh crud sorry. I just didn't see the remix on FIFA.


Well, Imma edit it calling them out then. :thumbsup:


It's ok! But still, Fifa is the project stealer :0


Aaaaaaaaaand it's edited. So, how would we report them?


There should be a "Stealing credit" report button. But since there isn't, maybe email THT? I don't see why people steal credit anyway. -_-