Hopscotch Sprite store


This is where original sprites made by forum users can be placed for others to use with Hopscotch.
Please give credit to the artist when using sprites.

This is a great website to make sprites and gifs.

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What is piskelApp? (How does it work?)


Try it out and see, It's easy.


Ok... Is this what u do?


Yes, see the square on the top right with the small square and arrow inside.
You can make the screen size bigger to draw.
The other icons enable to save as sprite, export sprite, save as a gif, and upload a pic to edit.
Click "Add new frame" to make another frame of the current pic. You can then edit that frame and click "Add new frame" again to make another frame for making an animated gif.

The '12 FPS' can be adjusted to control the speed of the animated gif you make.


Cool, thanks sounds interesting


Is this good?
this is a test...


Can you make another gif that's bigger by making the drawscreen bigger, the way I mentioned.


Is this app on the App Store?


IDK, you can go to the website


Oh, so it's a website?


Yes, and a downloadable program for pc and mac


This is super cool! Seems very simple. I'll try it out.


That is amazing @Stradyvarious! I was looking for an app or program like this yesterday.


I made your origami bird into a sprite(check the image at the top) if u ever want to use it.


Cool!!! Thanks, @Stradyvarious!