Hopscotch Speed Running - Tunnels of Terror



Wow! It feels great to be back on the forum after a year. I, and I'm sure many others, like to speed run and/or fin glitches/exploits in games. So I'm creating a new topic every two weeks (more or less) for speed running a game we find on Hopscotch. You can suggest games to speed run in the future. They can be games you found or made. So, my challenge for this topic is to get the world record for Tunnels of Terror (by Happy Coder AE). Yes, it is an older Hopscotch game. Here is the project link: Tunnels of Terror Link To start you all off with a world record to beat, here is my video: BincBrega1 Tunnels of Terror Record it's time is: 00:38.7. When posting a video, you need to make it public. You can do this on Google Drive, OneDrive, YouTube, etc.... be sure to send your time as well to the tenth second. NOTE: TIME STARTS WHEN YOU TAP THE WORD PLAY (NOT WHEN THE PROJECTS STARTS) AND ENDS WHEN THE BOSS GETS DEFEATED (WHEN THE ROPE DISAPPEARS). So, who will be the world record holder for this? If you find any new glitches or exploits, be sure to mention them.


Okay. Great Topic!!!! I'm DoughnutDog5, and feel free to tag me for any topic.


I tried this, my time is about 01:47.97


Try and get a video. That way we can prove times. But I do know my time is beatable. Use the screen recording feature in Hopscotch.


I..... Already did it..... And I don't know how I would share it anyways....


Can anyone get below 30 seconds???


Upload it to google drive and share to public, then send link. Or post to YouTube then send link. Or upload to OneDrive....


Welcome back! I think I haven't seen you around, but hi!


Try and get the world record for Tunnels of Terror! Mine is relatively easy to beat if you watch the video.


Exploit: You can walk through floors.
Exploit: You can keep your momentum while transitioning through levels.


Someone has beaten me already. He's just waiting for his Hopscotch forum account to be approved. Then he'll post it. The person that beat me, though, can be beat beacause he only beat me by half a second. If I were you I'd start practicing.


I'll try to beat your record! Welcome back, by the way!


Thanks! Remember. Even if someone beats you, you can try again so then it's an intense battle for the record!


New glitch: You can jump on then off of spikes immediately without taking damage. Spam jump while falling on a spike.


New glitch: Mid air jumps. Perfectly time your jump while in the air.


@CreativeCoder @AHappyCoder boy we had a lot of bugs with ToT's physics engine


tbh I expected that XD