Hopscotch Social Media!



I had an idea to create a "social media" page in Hopscotch! I would have several different accounts, and Hospcotchers here on the forum would tell me when they would like to post something! I would make it on a second account.

So, I need accounts! I would prefer if you were "well known", just so people could recognize the accounts! If you made it into the project, whenever you wanted, you would tag me here, and tell me the message you want to "post". I would then update the account post! I'll make a simple prototype now, but who wants to be in it?


I'll join! My username is tankt2016!


Can you explain a bit more? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It's basically a page where I have several posts from different profiles. I update them when the people tell me. That's it.


That sounds awesome!

Could I be one of the users? :D

It's fine if no, I understand!


Can I? Maaaaaaybe? XD


Could I? This will be awesome! :D


Could I? This sounds awesome! :smile:


Could I join? This sounds really cool! :smiley:


I can't upload a photo... It says it has no acces. Any help? I would show you a draft of it, but I can't upload.


He's a draft of it! :D

@SmilingSnowflakes, I decided to use you randomly. :laughing:


I'm not famous or well known but I'd like to join… :slight_smile:


I'll join! This sounds fun.










I hope I can join :D!


Would you say I'm well known? I think I am on the forum!


Would you say I'm well known? I'm EnchantedHopscotcher on Hopscotch!






Huuuuuuh no le XD I'm sorry you have failed me

Le jks