Hopscotch Slang?


Please Define the Following for Me: :sweat_smile:

  1. Temmie
  2. Temmie Flakes
  3. Chakin
  4. Lamsp Blueverry Juts. :smiley:

I was absent from the forum for a while so I have no idea what any of these mean!

  1. Temmie is a character from the game Undertale. :3
  2. Also from Undertale. ^^^
  3. It means 'chicken'. :3
  4. Lamsp Blueverry Juts (sometimes shortened to 'Juts') is my nickname (given to me by Anonemus). XD


Off-topic: @Snoopy, are you the Snoopy who made music for MagmaPOP's games?

On Topic: Here is some pics of Temmie:


Yes I am!
I know, they aren't very good, I still have no idea why he picked me!
It's an honor though! :sweat_smile:


Tem shop yey
tem shop is veri guds
u shud chek it out

  1. Temmie: noun: Funny Undertale character, adorable animal (I walked down the road and saw a little Temmie) (abb.) Tem

  2. Tem Flakes: noun: More Undertale stuffs, Temmie's natural diet consists of these (I saw a Tem with some Tem Flakes)

  3. Chackin: noun: THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER :0 It is in the Chicken family, and the Bad Spelling genus. Its young are called 'chaks.'
    For the marshmallow-y food prepared with chackins, see 'peepified chackins.'

4: Lamsp Bluverry Juts: noun: See entry 'SmilingSnowflakes'


SmilingSnowflakes: noun: Amazing trail artist, very kind. Scientific name: Lamps Bluverry Juts

Peepified Chackins: noun: Food prepared by peepifying chackins. Sweet and marshmallow-y. The continued eating of the dish may contribute to Chackin extinction.


temmie:a pet that you could grab from some cave somewhere in mount ebott
temmie flakes:food for temmies, tastes like paper
chakin:the best creature, sadly being driven to extincion by cows
lamps blverry juts:a hard to remember nickname


Temmie: The cutest thing Eva


This one is so kawaii!


I like your music BTW.:wink:


No, you should like @Anonymous's music. It's way better, and I mean it!


** smiles **:wink:




This is a new slang I have created.

Moi = Okay
Hoi = Hi


Temmie always uses hoi as hi (at least in undertale)


I saw that edit :stuck_out_tongue:


Moi lol


Hoi hoi hoi = lol
Oi = no
Koip = idk
Yoi = you