Hopscotch Slang Words


Ever wondered why some people say "Thicks"? Ever wondered what the hopscotch forum slangs are? Well, here's the dictionary!

Thicks: Slang for Thank You, or the phonetic version of thx.
Origin: First used by @SmilingSnowflakes in a doc.

Hopscotchify: To hopscotchify is to make something in hopscotch.
Origin: first used by @Anonymous in December.

Rinaw: Right now
Origin: @Smilingsnowflakes on docs

Nip: Abbreviation for No problem
Origin: @SmilingSnowflakes on docs

Bot: System
Origin: Somewhere in December 2015, someone in the Drawing Topic nicknamed system "bot". Then the moderators changed its actual nickname to "the mad bot"
After it infamously closed the drawing topics numerous times.

Chaikin/Chakin: Chicken
Origin: @SmilingSnowflakes used it first at the April party

Gices: Gives, like Gices chakin
Origin: The drawing topic, @SmilingSnowflakes

smol jumpyduckz: Thanks smol jumpyduckz
Origin: @CreativeCoder

Fren: Friend
Origin: Young Metro

Frenpai = senpai and fren combined
Origin : @LazyLizard on the Find a Fren topic

Smol: Small
Origin: Undertale Fans

Smol hole: a little comforting hole that you crawl in when you make a mistake or wanna hide
Origin: @Maltese

Note: This is NOT an abbreviation topic. Do not post "lol" "omg" or any other abbreviations unless they are hopscotch related or phonetic versions that Hopscotchers use.


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Hm thank you for the advice.


Liek and laik are two different slang words.


I always did"like" as "liek," seeing as they have the letters & stuff.




But some people (like me) use laik.


Just add them in!
It's on global edit


Waht = What


Omg you tagged SS so many times XD


Lol all these are by u and SS


almost all lol


Lol Le >; )

Great topic! Here's a like :heart:


@Snoopy, this is a good topic to learn Forum-Speak!



Wow @OnceUponATime lol


Yeth. >:3
I actually did that lel.


I feel like putting "Kawaie tem" there too.




Fine >:3


How has no one done BOT or SBYP or TBYP or TUBM… they're HSy…


No abbreviations, I think :3