Hopscotch should have different scenes without advanced mode

Hey everyone! Do you guys think that hopscotch should still have scenes even if you don’t have advanced mode?


Scenes are still in beta. There’s still a lot of things that still need to be done with scenes, but since the Beta Editor is now Advanced Mode, scenes will always be exclusive to that mode.


I think it’s an interesting discussion to be had, since “Advanced Mode” is designed for people who want to make even more with their Hopscotch projects. Personally, I think it’s a cool thing to have but isn’t strictly necessary as a feature, especially since it doesn’t support transitions.

As for whether it’s something I think should be free, I would probably keep it in advanced until a bigger features replaces that, like multiplayer or something.


Multiplayer would be cool, especially if it includes Cloud Variables.

I understand the difficulty regarding this, and the moderation that would have to be done to projects with this feature (to ensure people don’t use them for chat purposes).


Surprised I didn’t see that big typo. Thanks for the fix, @Awesome_E.

TBH, I blame Autocorrect…