Hopscotch should be on Android devices



We have been wondering how hopscotch is only on Apple devises not android, so we been wondering if hopscotch could put it on Android

Hopscotch on Android

I agree but its a lot of work. They have to recode everything and it would be a disadvantage with the android users because we can be more creative with emojis. But I do agree with you %100!


I think there is already a topic for this :wink:.


There is ALREADY 10^309 of these topics!!


Remember to say it kindly! They probably didn't know! :wink:


Oh, sorry! :sweat: :cold_sweat:


It's okay! Just remember that for next time! :wink:


Still we think it would be kind of cool for it to be on Android, plus I know being on Android they can duplicate emoticons


It would take a lot of work, and I think android uses different code. I can't remember. They're already working on the IPhone, so you must be patient. Ps. I don't know if you, but there are already topics on this. Just letting you know. :wink:


Well we know, but most of them are out of date


You can still post on them, even though they're old. :wink:


We wish hopscotch could come over to the conversations and tell us when they could start doing work on it


Here's a post that Liza made! :wink:

#1 is finished, and they are currently making the iPhone app! :smile:


Thanks we really wanted to know


Yeah, no prob! :smile:


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