Hopscotch shop x2



Fresh new topic. Rules are simple; you start out with zero points. Doing stuff can make you lose or gain points. Then you can buy stuff with it.

how to gain points
  • Start a flamewar (+300 points per flamewar)
  • Start conspiracy theories (+200 points per theory)
  • Steal someone’s potato chips (+150 points)
  • Be salty (+125 points)
  • Eat a chicken nugget(s) (+80 points per nugget)
  • Kill a bean (+70 points)
  • Win a staring contest with a rock (+70 points)
  • Offer to pay for someone’s lunch that’s already free (+60 points)
  • Eat a chocolate chip cookie (+15 points)
how to lose points
  • Preforming unecessary surgeries (-200 points)
  • Asking who I am (-175 points)
  • Being a decent human being (-150 points)
  • Dipping french fries in frosties (-150 points)
  • Dipping frosties in french fries (-150 points)
  • Liking whipped cream and not icing (-135 points)
  • Being sweet (-125 points)
  • Being cringey (-100 points)
  • Art request - digital or paper (250 points)
  • Pixel art request (225 points)
  • PFP request - you will give me pictures and I do whatever the 'ell I want with it using photoshop (200 points)
  • Code request - I give you a cipher and you gotta crack it (150 points)
  • Sending a message on a potato - I’ll do the sending (135 points)
  • Borrow my time machine for a week (125 points)
  • A Dam Shirt with some Dam French Fries (110 points)
  • Type. Like. This. For. One. Day. (100 points)
  • Get a gift from Santa Claus [also known as Satan] (100 points)
  • Get a cat (10 points)
# of points

@catfishqqqqqqqqqqqqq : 400
@gobli09 : 200

Have a good day/night!


Conspiracy Theory: @1000001 is @scienceteacher



your cat photos








conspiracy theory: @1000001 is @PBnJ




I’m @aariv give me my points


Conspiracy theory:@The_Vast_Void is actually @MyPi
(Sorry,The vast void!)


It’s okay. I see why you would say that. I know him in real life, we go to the same school and he is my best friend, but we may almost be the same person, but we are not.


It would be a pleasure to meet MyPi,they are a really great coder,and stand against art and RPs,which is the right thing to do. Hopscotch is a coding app,it always was,it doesn’t matter if they made a tutorial for an art pad or featured art. It says ‘Hopscotch:Make Games’.


Can you give me a link to your GT?


Can you accept the facts like his bio says


Here you go.


no points for you mister