Hopscotch Shipping



It's @VanillaAngel, and today we are going to be shipping hopscotchers together!
Don't worry, it's not my usual Vocaloid/Anime character shipping. I'll explain.

What is this?

So if you think it's like the romantic/lovey stuff...
It's not! The shipping we will be doing is just like...
"Wow! @User should do a project with @Other user"
Meaning it is hopscotch related shipping, not like my personal favorite

Totally not!

It's basically projepping.
I guess... Heh!
{I'll stop}


  • No arguing over shipped hopscotchers
    "Hey, I don't ship that! That ship is disgusting"
    "Hey, It's my ship, not yours!"
    "I don't care! It's still bad!"
    Sorry, I cracked up, it was so corny
  • No actually romance shipping, that's not the point of this topic. If you so, you will be flagged. Because THAT. IS. NOT. THE POINT OF THE TOPIC.
  • Please, if you are shipped, do not yell at the people who ship you if you don't like it.
  • Respect other people's ships, we all have our opinions.

  • If you have the same ship as someone else, talk about it!

Current Ships

Okay, that should be it, guys!

But one last thing that I have not said yet this whole time...



@MagmaPOP should make a project with @CreationsOfaNoob!
It would get on Game Changers probably!
If he was still here...


It would!

But he's not h-here anym-more..
cries in corner


What do you mean by x shipping


Last time we made a topic like this things broke out...


There's already a topic like this:

Make sure to search with the aqua magnifying glass before you make a topic, so we don't have duplicates. It just keeps the forum organized!

Also, happy belated forum welcome (sort of)! :smiley:


I should make an oc with @Fluffymarshmellow

In a non-lesbian way...


I prefer to call it yuri.
Just so you know, but that's just me.
That would be cool to make one with @ fluffymarshmellow
I don't want to tag anyone, Nya~.


Loving relationship.


I think this is just projects...

Sry if I'm wrong ;-;


@AmiiboTrash should make a project with @Sensei_Coder


i dont make projects


I don't really use Hopscotch anymore tho


if i see any mention of the terms "yuri" or "yaoi" on here this topic is going up in flames

y'all,, don't use fetishizing terms especially when this isn't romantic in the first place

and don't call healthy relationships by their disgusting fangirl names no thank you @vanillaangel don't call gals being pals "yuri" or any other names like that. they are gay and that's that. they're not your tokens of "oh i know a gay person" and they're not in a relationship for you to watch


I'm very sorry for that, to all people involved with it.

At the time when it was posted, since its before February 1st, it was my relative that I was living with. So, I had no control over the situation, which he of course I didn't know about. So please forgive her (as well as me for not stopping her from doing all those idioti.c things on the forum before. )

If you reading this, then I apologize for the two accounts @VanillaAngel and @KatrinaPlays for being so bothersome to you.


(This is very awkward for me, because I am in a gay relationship with somebody, -I honestly have no idea why they chose me to be in a relationship with...- And yeah you're right about Shoujo ai, being fetishized ,sorry for that too, I really just wanted to call it a gay relationship instead of Shoujo ai, but it was the genre on my mind at the time, and I couldn't find another word that wouldn't start a whole argument... I'm just plain sorry. Again, I know I've been a big bother to you, I'm sorry again for that. Rereading it, it doesn't make any sense, but I can't come up with anything else, so sorry -the second to last time- for that as well.)

Thank you again...
And sorry for the final time! Because o know me saying s.... got extremely annoying for, you probably so I'm s.... for that too!

(I'll just stop now.)

great, now this looks stupi.d, but I'm going to post...