Hopscotch Secret Code Day!


Not everybody has a hopscotch t-shirt, I know that. If we all had one, then we could all wear that one day and know each other has a hopscotcher, and whisper our usernames. (I mentioned this idea on a Hopscotch T-Shirt topic.) But, not all of us have a hopscotch t-shirt.
So.... What if one day, we all wear the same thing? Then we can identify others as hopscotchers! I know, there can be flaws, like other people might just so happen to wear the same thing that we planned to wear. But, we can get around this flaw by doing something, only we know, like tugging our ear if we see someone wearing the same thing. Then, if both of us tug our ear, we whisper our usernames, and walk off like nothing happened, and check on the forum to see if they really are who they are!

Let's gather ideas for what to wear, and when to wear them here! I've made this a wiki edit! We can do this multiple times, if unsuccessful.
Be sure to include: shirt, pants, sock color, hairstyle (if you can style your hair), secret code, and when to wear it! Also if someone can change the title to something better, that would be great.


What to Wear (colour code):

When to Wear:

Secret Code:


Problem: this is a public online forum so anyone you know could see this... or anyone you don't know.


This is an awesome idea! I love it!


I know, but people wouldn't really use the forum or browse around and look through everything if they weren't involved with Hopscotch.


amazing idea
if it involves pink or dresses I'm out


¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯ just saying, you never know.


So, do you think it's a bad idea?
The way I worded it sounds rude, but really I'm just curious. I don't want this to be dangerous or anything. I'm awful with words today, I don't know what's wrong. :D


I don't know. It's a cool and nice idea, but there are potential risks. Then again, pretty much everything has potential risks.

Idk basically.


I'd like to know what the potential risks are. :D
That's what I was asking for! :D
I can't word anything today, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Madi come to my general topic right away


i don't even know :joy:. Every time I try and think of something I'm like "um... well..."


Oh i am confused ummm


I think this would be so cool, I'll participate if I can!


I think this is an awesome idea!

We should do it!


That is an amazing idea!
However, not everyone may have a specific color palette in their drawers..


I don't have red shirts or yellow shirts or stuff like that, sorry.
And boys can't style their hair the way girls can.


Yeah, that's why I said if you can style your hair, then style it!


Not really a fan of this idea....

It's kind of embarrassing


What if some people don't like the style you want them to wear, or don't have the clothes?


Why is it embarrassing? We are all just trying to wear the same thing to recognize eachother.