Hopscotch Search broken?


Hopscotch Search seems to be broken… I can search users but not projects. I am NOT on the most recent version of HS, but I have not updated in about 2-3 weeks, in which time the Search has worked fine. Is it just me or a server side problem? (I was on the same version when the search worked…) @Liza


I used Flappy bird as the search term because there are tons of those projects

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  • It’s just you
  • I have this problem too

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Edit: It has been fixed


Happened to me too
I noticed that the popular projects came up over the non-popular ones.


Actually, it’s still broken on the latest version… I think it is a server side issue
(@Yusamac205 check again)


Search in general has been quite glitchy for some time.


It is weird, I know. Hopefully hopscotch can fix it :grinning:


Yeah, I agree. Some bugs have appeared and I am almost 100% sure that THT is working on fixing these bugs.


FYI: The glitch is server side, which means THT should be able to fix it without an update to the app. (At least I think so because I was on the same version when search worked)


The issue has been resolved

It was server side, so it was fixed without an update


That is great! How do you know that it was resolved though? Did you email THT?


I used search again and it worked fine


But, there is a new issue…

Every time I tap ANY object in an old project, it makes the pop sound.
By old, I mean that it cannot support custom rules. @Liza


Is it fixed yet?


Which one?..


Weird. Try to do it with all of my projects, even the latest ones, as I code them on an older Hopscotch App version and then publish them using a new version of the Hopscotch App.


It was fixed server side…


Okay, that’s great.


How I know it is server side: It breaks without app update, and fixes without one a server well…