Hopscotch, Scratch, and other coding engines



Here you can post projects you make on Scratch or Hopscotch, or any other coding engine, and compare the projects! You can also compare coding engines together.
If there is already a topic like this, please tell me politely and I'll try to delete this.


Ooh I have comparisons for not Scratch exactly, but drag and drop language called Snap which is based on Scratch.

I have a comparison for binary tree drawing just now :smiley: Hopscotch doesn't have functions and arguments so we just replicate it instead.


Scratch - Add images to games and change your profile picture for free
Hopscotch - Add images to games and change your profile picture for the low (not) price of 80 dollars a year! That's cheaper than Animal Jam! (not).


Okay, then. I actually never thought about Hopscotch not having arguments.


You obviously like Scratch better than Hopscotch. :slight_smile: But I think that you should look past the images and profile pictures.


Yeah I made a topic about doing functions and arguments in Hopscotch :smiley:

Here is the Hopscotch version of a binary tree that I did, and I will grab the other drag and drop language shortly:

Snap version (looks like Scratch):

It is not exactly the same, I did the Hopscotch one a bit differently.

Introduction to fractals and recursion
Problem solving in general, algorithms, graph theory

But why do they charge such a high price for 2 things that are free on many other websites? It's like being paid to post an image on Twitter. It's useless to make a paid feature, why not just make it free..?

I'd prefer certain blocks to be used for subscribers, but not restricting tutorials, profile pictures, and images


I know, that's the bad part of Hopscotch. Maybe because it's an app on an IPad? It's not a website.


Hmm if I could subscribe, it would be more to thank/support the Hopscotch Team than wanting extra features, same with other apps and tools I use e.g. Paper, Storybird, Bear.


Okay you can compare some of the code there :slight_smile: Doing it in Snap then cleared some ideas for me on how to do it in Hopscotch.


I prefer Scratch over Hopscotch even though I've been on HS longer and have more experience on Hopscotch.

All of the updates THT are coming out with... they're just making it more confusing for me, I miss the old interface but, I can't change their decisions.

I know what the team is doing is for the best though.

Honestly, I like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS more than both Scratch and Hopscotch.


Yeah, I joined Scratch just a few months ago, but I find that you can do more things on Scratch than Hopscotch. But then there are some things you can't do on Scratch but can do on Hopscotch.

I do too, but I'm not very advanced in JavaScript.


Lol so true


I've a question about Snap. Is it on PC or mobile devices?


Hi ISNBN! :smiley: it is designed for PC but it definitely works on mobile too


I found out recently that there is a mobile app for it but it seems not to work at the moment for me on the latest iOS.


With what I have done with Scratch, personally I don't really like it. It is kinda hard to use compared to Hopscotch (well I didn't really have much motivation to learn it), and I am not huge on the design, either (well done, @Rodrigo. Hopscotch is very nice and pleasing to the eye). I'm sure it can be pretty powerful and you can make complex games but I would rather code using text langauges, such as Swift or JavaScript.


Cool! I used to hav Scratch! I hav Hopscotch now.


That’s nice :smiley:

Which do you like better, though? Hopscotch or scratch?


It depends. Scratch is good for social people and Hopscotch is for art and coding! I like that on Scratch , you can comment


Hopscotch is good if you code all the time. You can really make good projects! Are you on there?