Hopscotch Science Comp.!


I love science! I have always loved to study space and the mysteries behind it, though my research has lead me nowhere, which is okay because I can't do complicated math. Lol.
But I'm sure a lot of other people like science because they code! Math is Science! Like the famous equation: the Energy = mc^2! (Credit to ThinBuffalo for that small error)
So I'm going to make a science competition on Hopscotch, and it can be about anything as long as its relative to science and teaches someone something. Like even if it's how much smoking can affect you or how sleep takes a toll on you and how it's important to what it rains on different planets or how sugar can be bad for you over time!
As long as you tag it #ScienceCompetition2017 and have fun coding!


I like science! My fav subjects are paleontology, oceanography and astronomy. The rest of my favs I don't remember.


Ooh that sounds awesome! :smile:

Hmmm I have recently been doing some things related to fractals but haven't tried it out on Hopscotch yet. Fractals are – Wait, I don't actually know that much about the science, but the shapes of snowflakes and trees can be made with them!


I love to study the skies, and pet animals. I know some ecology, meteorology, and a lot about astronomy.


@Winged_Cat Nice idea :smile:

One minor thing

You were close :grinning:

E=mc^2 which is
energy = mc squared

c is the speed of light
m is mass


This sounds like an AWESOME competition and it's great that you have such an interest in the sciences of the world. :laughing:
Science is everywhere you look, it even applies to hopscotch in certain ways!! :sweat_smile:


So make a project? I will do that this week sometime.


I'd love to do that! But I can't really code science


You can code anything!!
All you have to code is something science-related, it could even be a trail art!!


Hmm I'll think about doing it


Biology more like BYE ology cuz I'm out.
Sorry XD


I like science, right now we don´t have science in class though, we are working with the energy resources of the future. It is a little bit science, but I think that it is mostly physics amd stuff. I´ll try to do a project if I have time.


Thanks for correcting me :sweat_smile:


Getting this to the top of newest!


I finished my project!


Good job!