Hopscotch School of Latin!


Hello all!

I've noticed that a lot of people don't know Latin. Latin is an amazing and very useful language!
So... I'll be making a Latin class! On the forum!

How do I join?

The students have already been picked!


@Paydent12 @Bananadog and @SmileyAlyssa being the backup crew!

More Information about the course:

This is related to hopscotch. We will be using hopscotch to make projects for homework and such.

Anonymous takes this class seriously. If you do not do your homework, you will be asked to drop out. You can drop out at any time though. Cheating is fine with me, but you are only cheating yourselves.

The people who aren't accepted can always look in this topic!

I do ask that once the curriculum class has started, to not post unless you are a student.

Thank you!


@Anonymous , would you add anybody if someone dropped out? - @Malie

someone in the backup crew :slight_smile: <kasjajjsa

Oh ok, so either way I would never be able to join :laughing: -@Malie (@Anonymous)

Will anyone else ever be taught? I know German want to learn Latin.


I'm on, though I have to eat dinner really soon. :smile:


I'm on! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes, @Pingu and @DragonLover975 are on too I think


Okay. We know that Latin originated in Rome! Does anyone know any of the locations for entertainment located in (ancient) Rome? There are three that I am thinking of.


I think I have to go now to do homework...I'll be back in less than an hour, though!


Hi! Sorry I was off I had to do some stuff in real life. XD

I'm back now. XD


okay! There's a question above XD


Is this the question above? XD


Is one the Tiber river btw? Leaning Tower of Pisa? I'm just silly right now I just wanna guess...




please refrain from posting! I know you are eager to learn, but there are students! please rely in he Latin hopscotch topic of you have an answer.


Is one of them the Colesseum?



Sorry I flagged you but he asked multiple times to stop for the other students


Correcto! It's probably
the most famous site in Rome. It was a huge round building in the center of the city. Gladiatorial contests and fights went on, sometimes even animals fought gladiators.
To take it even further, they sometimes flooded the colosseum with water to have a naval battle xD

P.S. People fought to the deat.h in these combats :0

The Colesseum could hold 50,000 ppl


anyone know the other two?


:0 :0 :0 :0

That's so cool! :0 :0 :0


they were: Circus Maximus (not a circus, but a race course)
it was approximately 1800 feet long and 600 feet wide. Chariot races were held here. Just like in the olympics when each competitor reaper sent their country, chariot racers were grouped in groups "reds, greens, blues, or whites".
it could seat 250,000 people!

Circus in Latin means "ring".