Hopscotch school of Japanese



Hi I thought because there are a lot of language school I thought why not make Japanese and only few people can speak Japanese!
How do you join just ask !


Not here to join but just saying you could add that to my Languages of the Hops topic? That's like an encyclopaedia for people to find schools and people who speak their language!
Just a thought :slight_smile:


Hi Hermione! :smiley: I didn't realise there was this topic :smile:

Aside from Katakana, there is this phrase I remember from where we learnt about likes/dislikes etc:

アイスクリーム が だい すき です。
(aisukuriimu ga dai suki desu)

= I love ice cream :joy:

(And 'ice cream' can be replaced with anything in that.)

Wow I found a cool Japanese keyboard to type this out. I don't know if I spelled アイスクリーム / ice cream correctly.


Nope it's supposed to be
but otherwise it's right


Oooh okay, funny that was how I first spelt it and then I edited it :joy: I will fix that...