Hopscotch School of Coding and Arts! NO SPOTS LEFT



Welcome to the official Hopscotch School of Coding and Arts!
Here you will learn how to code like a boss and learn about music and art on Hopscotch!
We need some teachers.

Sine and Cosine teacher- @UptownStudios

Looks and Sounds teacher- @giraffedolphin26

Movement teacher- @Intellection74

Values teacher- @friendship2468

Control Flow teacher (clones, sequences)- @Ihasfluffycupcakes

Art teacher- @RubyWolf1

Music teacher- @Follow4LikesOfficial

Hopscotch users and history teachers- @gilbert189 and @poptart0219

Principal- @friendship2468

Math Club- @Seawolfwerehorse
In case a tecaher can't make it, @Rawrbear is the official Substitute teacher
P.s. The students need to go to every lesson
Every time there is a new lesson, teachers should post that lesson and tag their students with the link to the project here.
All teachers and all students need to be watching this topic.

Hopscotch School of Coding and the Arts!

May I be Control Flow Teacher? I'm good at cloning, repeat, repeat forever, and all of the other control flow stuff!


I can do art or control flow. If you need someone.


I'm doing control flow, so stick with art


Also looks and sounds.


If you're doing art, I need to see it first.


You need to know how to make music in hopscotch to do looks and sounds.


I can do art teacher!!


It has to be art on Hopscotch.


@sobit and @GracefulIcing1 you guys can be students if you want to and choose your classes.


Okay! I'll do one on a drawing pad then!!


Here is some of my not so good art. I'm not as good on the iPad


When students sign up, every Fridayyou need to post the first lesson and homework projects they need to make if they signed up for your class.


So what I'm hearing is no art teacher? That's okay...


@ihasfluffycupcakes and @sobit you guys need to be watching this topic so you know if students complete homework.


Sorry, so it got the job before you submitted.


Thanks for letting me be art teacher!


Ok, btw here is some insane code that shows I am good at control flow blocks


Can I be a student @friendship2468


Wow. That is awesome @Ihasfluffycupcakes!