Hopscotch School of Code (Binary, Sine and Cosine, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS)



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Hopscotch name:
Favorite language:
What do you know:
Your favorite app:
Your favorite game on hopscotch:
Why do you want to join:
We will learn these languages, and code things on hopscotch! If you want to teach tell me. You can teach anything but binary, and you have to ask first and give me a good reason to let you teach. Lessons are posted at 9:00 every wednesday.

Coding Story Responces

Sign Up Sheet
Hopscotch name: KomplettverrĆ¼cktjunge
Favorite language: Binary/Python
What do you know: some binary things, some Python
Your favorite app: Hopsctch duh!
Your favorite game on hopscotch: Pencil and Paper FTU
Why do you want to join: to learn


Accepted! First lesson tomorrow. @KVJ




I'll teach Binary.


Sorry. Read first post @iPlazma


Ok. I quit. Ignore mah application.


I'm joining. And you should change the language question.
And I'll teach art class, including drawing, shape art, text art, and leave a trail art. I'll need a partner for leave a trail art, like @Maltese or @Smilingsnowflakes.


@tankt2016 your in. I am making another school for in hopscotch coding, you can teach there.


I could help on JavaScript I'm a masta!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I actually am


Thank you @Pixel, your teaching JavaScript!


Hopscotch name: BB-Box
Favorite language: hopscotch
What do you know: nothing
Your favorite app: hopscotch
Your favorite game on hopscotch: don't get 30
Why do you want to join: I want to learn more


@Potter_Head -binary
@Pixel - JavaScript
@Pixel can you post your lesson by 9 tomarrow? (Eastern time zone)
Binary lesson posted by nine tomarrow, what to do will be explained in lesson


Just a warning, I'm in GMT, so I'm about 6 hours ahead of you


Okay, thanks for telling me @KVJ


AM, PM also on hopscotch video or what? Like a game?


This is an example lesson:

Coding In Trinary! Day 1
First we will learn how to write words.
So on and so on.
Decoding: write these trinary words in English
Encoding: write these English words in trinary

Then you grade their homework.
You can also do things like blah blah blah means turn 90 degrees
Sorry this took forever to type @Pixel


So trinary is a thing? I didn't know it actually existed


9:00 am
20 charachters


9 am would be 3 pm for meā€¦ so I might be an hour or two late, btw