Hopscotch school! Learn cool Code!


I am starting an account that teaches specific code for new hopscotchers


Cool! That would be really helpful to new users!


I know right!



Cool idea. Will the account be on HS or here?


I dunno? You choose!

  • On hopscotch
  • On The Forum


Votes are public.


On the forum i guess xD


Can I be a teacher for sines and cosines


Can I be a teacher for values and control flow?


Can I be a teacher for Pixel art!


Can I see your best project in your opinion


Ok lemme bring it up this may take a few mins


This isn't completed I made it when I was like 7 or 8
It uses a lot of values


Can I be a teacher for trails


Plz I really want to be a teacher


Cool. I would like to be part of the school. I don't want to be a teacher.
Can I be part of the school when u have assigned ur teachers? Just tag me.


Yeah tag me too I can do some good trail arts


You can be the trail teacher


Cool! Very interesting.


Yes you can dylanbarret


Yes you can be the teacher for that. I dont understand it myself