Hopscotch school edition


I was in the App Store and I searched hopscotch when this came up

does anyone know if there's any difference?(Besides the price)


The Hopscotch school edition has all of the characters unlock, on the normal edition you have to buy them individually @SUPERSWAGGY.


Oh! Thanks! I'm wondering why I didn't think of that.:sweat_smile:


In The Normal Hopscotch You Can't Get A Group, But In Hopscotch School Edition, You Can Get A Group!


The school edition is the school edition! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


It's a school edition, all the characters are unlocked, you can make groups for classes, yeah that's pretty much it.

And, for some back to school tips and reminders, @SUPERSWAGGY, don't drop the bass.....again...... :wink:


That's right, like @Phase_Studios and @PopTart0219 said, you have the jungle characters all unlocked.

Teachers can also make groups like @HopscotchArtAndGames said as well, and those groups are private communities. So teachers could make a private group for their class which only their class can see and share projects to each other. This would be useful if the class is working on a Hopscotch project or activity.


Also, Hopscotch School Edition Has An Older Hopscotch Trailer If You Look At It.