Hopscotch Scenarios, what would you say?


Jerry sees you on the street: Hai fren!!

You: Hai Jerry

Jerry: So how's your day?

You: Good!!! How about you?

Jerry: It's great!! Have you heard of this thing called Hopscotch?

You: Yeah!! I use it!!

Jerry: So, how would you describe it in one sentence? I mean, I would like to make an account, but I'm not sure if its worth it...

You: Well, in one sentence , I would say

What would you say?


Hai fren and topic that is awesome :D

In one sentence it would be:
Hopscotch is awesomeness

:0000000 so deep :00000


I can even do it in one word. Watch.



Lol it is deep!! Thank you so much fren!!!


It's an awesome app for coding games, and it's easy to learn!


Lol i would say in one sentence It is the bomb.com


Ur welcome French fry fren





Haiiiii frwnch fry fren!!!!!!! Smiley fries!! Ha I just nicknamed you


My sentence would be "Hopscotch is love. Hopscotch is life."


Hopscotch is life


More like hopscotch is bae!!!


understatement of the year and that is saying a lot


This is you fren:



I'm already da Apple tho


Ik. That is your secret identity


I would say:

Hopscotch is an extremely powerful tool, and there are hundreds of projects you can make, from 3D simulators to innovative games, but all that the same time Hopscotch is a fabulous learning experience open to all ages in which you can let your imagination go wild and express yourself through coding. :smiley:



But imma Apple to da core core Apple to da core
Apple to da core core who could ask for more
I'm nothin like da pear next like da pear next door
Im Apple to da
Im Apple to da cooooorrreee



I'm going to try and shorten that.


Mine's still deeper tho XD


You should make that song. Twas good