Hopscotch Scavenger Hunt Contest



This is a contest inspired by @Gilbert189. It will be a scavenger hunt through Hopscotch/The Forum.If you would like to join just ask! This is just a friendly competition with an unknown amount of clues.You might have to find a project or even log into an account! If you have any questions just ask! Oh, and yes I have permission! The first clue is Hoosiers, a movie. This clue is medium in my opinion. Friendly Mass Tag List
@BlueOrangeFangio @SabotageWarning @Deadfr @LazyLizard @SnowGirl_Studios @CreativeCoder @MYD @Hermione @SmileyAlyssa @SUPERSWAGGY @RenegadeBird1
@SabotageWarning @Hermione


Would anyone like to join????


Sorry, I'm busy, and leaving at about 11:00 (knowing us it takes about an hour to get ready, so make that about 12:00) for the birthday party. I was putting the Hopscotch March Madness first event up when you invited me.


(↑←Look!) Sure, I don't care!




I'll join!


Ok I'll add you to the list!


I'll try to join but every time please tag me!


Ok, I'll add you to the list!


Sorry I didn't answer, I had my jump rope Reginal competition today. I'm kind of busy so I can't, sorry!


OK! That sounds cool!