Hopscotch’s Quarterly Roadmap 2021

So local variables are very much in development. (Part of it taking longer than expected is that it is requiring reworking the way that variables work.) And undo/redo is currently been designed.

I would have to check for version control. The packaged code is also an important goal for us, I think aiming for this year as well (with local variables being prerequisite to that).

Sorry about the wait — I can understand people being eager and/or impatient. We were discussing that maybe it doesn’t work so well to communicate fixed dates with the roadmap, since those can sometimes shift a lot, depending on different factors. But the features on this roadmap are definitely what we are working through.


while i can’t speak for others i’ve rather enjoyed knowing what’s coming up development wise, even if you can’t place a date for understandable reasons. If you continue with these i’ll be happy to have them, date or no date.


Same. I don’t mind when it comes as long as I know it will eventually come :)


1. Local Variables (September 2021)
a. The ability to create a variable and define a local ‘scope’ for it. This means that it will be usable only for specific blocks of code that you define.
b. Example: Say you wanted to make a bunch of variables, but each one was only needed for one function. Instead of cluttering up your variables menu with a ton of global variables, you could make one local variable per function - and that variable would be the only one that showed up in your ‘Local’ variables menu when you were editing that function/specific object.

2. Version Control (October 2021)
a. This is an admin feature that will allow us to recover all the versions of your drafts so that if you accidentally lose your work, you can reach out to us to recover your progress
b. Example: Oh no, Hopscotch is giving you a Womp message, and it looks like your past two hours worth of work is gone! You can reach out to us via email, and we’d be able to recover your draft versions.

3. Undo/Redo button (October 2021)
a. If you accidentally moved your object in stage or deleted a function by mistake, the undo/redo will help you to recover steps while you’re coding – similar to the undo/redo button in the drawing function.

4. Sharing packaged code (End of October – Start of November 2021)
a. This will allow you to share snippets of your code to the community, and it will also allow you to load someone else’s packaged code so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
= Done
= Being Made / Nearly Out


Love this!!! Kepe up the lit work
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