Hopscotch’s Quarterly Roadmap 2021

Cool I really need an undo button that would make my life easier. For all those times when I wrote long code but accidentally deleted the object.


Out of curiosity, when will we be seeing the snippet code library?
It’s been delayed since October 2021? What have the developers been doing?


the generic response is probably that they have been busy, as they are a small team. i know this is probably frustrating to hear, but they have been working on it, i think. i’m not hopscotch.

anyways, i think that they are caught behind, because that’s not the only thing that they are doing! they have multiple other things to do as well, for example, creating new updates, filtering projects, reviewing community feedback, responding to emails, responding to reviews on app store etc.

so i think the answer is that it will come out, just delayed because of the hard work put into other things.

but im not hopscotch, so you don’t need to listen to me.


Yeah I can understand wondering what’s going on, particularly if you’re looking forward to the sharing code feature being out.

The roadmap has changed for the next quarter. So we have released local variables which were delayed, due to it revamping how variables work. Version control has also been implemented in the admin interface — we can restore previous versions of projects, and have done that when users have some trouble with projects.

It is true that we are a pretty small team particularly at the moment. I think it would probably be best to close this topic since it isn’t quite accurate anymore, but we could make a new one for our plans for the next quarter, without specific monthly dates — a little while ago, I mentioned this:

But in terms of features, what we’re focusing on in this quarter includes

  • parameters for custom abilities (part 1)
  • parameters for custom rules (part 2)
  • community garden — sharing code feature

t1, do you know if this will be 1.5.x or 1.6?

Also, do you know if the intention is for those parametric abilities (still being containers) to have similar entry & exit frame delays as current abilities? ( I think it would be amazing if preceding, internal, and succeeding blocks would all execute continuously, intraframe when the adjacent chain of blocks don’t require a screen refresh (e.g., Set blocks) )


Yep, the next main update will be in player version 1.6.

Unfortunately I’m not sure on the entry and exit frame delays for abilities with parameters, though I think they would probably be the same as current abilities upon release. I do know your other suggestion, for Containers (entrance & exit) that don’t delay until next frame, is on the list.


Yeah, most devs don’t specify the date of release, as otherwise it could cause the community to get too excited. And then the next thing they know, the feature ends up postponed due to complications. An exception would be when they know the upcoming feature is nearly ready for public release.

I’m not too worried about it. I can always wait.


Just wondering, will the custom abilities/rules with parameters be an upgrade to the current custom abilities/rules, or will they be their own separate container? I mean, either way, the player will still most likely need to manually update their project to the latest player to use them, but it would still be good to know.


Oh yep they will be an upgrade to custom abilities/rules, not their own separate container — so yeah the player version and editor version would need to be updated.

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I am still wondering about one last thing (regarding how parameters work and how they substitute into the code within the ability/custom rule), but I’ll just wait to try it for myself.

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Oh they are mainly just like local variables whose value is set by the custom ability. They will appear in the local variables keyboard inside the custom ability.

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Cool, thanks for the info. And since the preset “Bounce” Custom Rule already uses Local Variables, it’ll be the perfect example.

Sure, it’ll be a few weeks, but it’ll all be totally worth it.

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How’s the development of parameters for custom abilities going? Stuff like this always interests me.


A core working version has been developed, but there are still some things to iron out (relating to appearance, quality of life and bugs that come up). When it’s ready, we will let the community know^^


Ok. Yeah, that definitely makes sense.

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I have deleted my code sooooo many times by pasting over, so yeah an undo button is great


hey, any updates? :))

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I’m not sure if they’re still using the quarterly roadmap. In 3.50.0 they added a new cool block and finally fixed a bug that needed to be fixed forever ago (Which I’m pretty sure you saw). There’s usually 1-3 months delay between versions.


Undo/redo is planned in the medium term — next few months. Community garden is still also planned for later on.

The version control feature in admin has been live, and we have local variables + custom abilities/rules with parameters.

I’ll close this topic for now, and we can publish another roadmap if we have updates on that front.