Hopscotch’s quality is decreasing- and it’s not only the community’s fault


Wow, Kitty4U! You actually give a flying heck about Hopscotch and coding?

Yeah, dude. I’m a hacker and coder.
Anyway, Hopscotch is getting worse by the update! Here’s why.

1. The community

I’m only adding this because you guys finna reply “but the c-community UwU!!!11!1” No, it’s not the lack of code. It’s the underappreciation for code that concerns me. For example, a 20 second doodle vs. a music project that took 2 hours to make. How fun.

Yeah, don’t mind the storytime project that took 1 hour to make.
You know what, guys. * cough @aariv and @Yusamac205 cough * Maybe if you took the energy you put in to make sure people code to making sure people shoutout or pay more attention to coders, that’d be nice. You know, because we exist!
It’s not the art’s fault. I don’t care about it. It’s the lack of attention towards coded projects that’s ruining Hopscotch. When will you get that into your heads? Instead of screeching every time you see art on Hopscotch, look for coded projects.

2. Lag on Hopscotch

This really smiles my Precure.
It’s impossible to code on Hopscotch when the lag is crippling you! It takes me hours to code because of the laggy editor and the time it takes to open a project.
Often, after I’m done coding one object, I have to close the app, reboot it, open it again, and then work on the next object’s code. It’s fustrating and time consuming wasting.
It’s really not worth it. At all.

Solution to this problem: THT, fix your app. Please.

3. Bugs

Oh boy, I love opening a project only to find half of my code has dissapeared into the void! Hopscotch Thanos, thanks a lot!
It’s really fun when you want to test your project but all you get is disappointment with a white screen! Yay!

This is self explanatory.
THT, Fix your app.


Stop complaining about the art in Hopscotch, heckers.

(WIP topic kinda)


They fixed the lag, it’s been very fast and speedy for me


and another one makes a legit point that Aariv will fail to recognize

or maybe he will


I honestly don’t have any issues with Hopscotch since update 3.30.2 (latest version). Except for the issue where images aren’t loading properly for my account and so therefore my projects don’t load for people, but they have a fix for it and it’s coming out very soon so I don’t see where these bugs are coming from, unless you just don’t update the app


then this topic isn’t for you stop bragging and leave


I tagged him and everything :^(




Agreed. I really agree with this topic
while we code,we should also encourage artists to code.
Or there is one more option,
Ban drawing on HS!!!
(Dun dunn daaaa)


you missed the point, dude




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This is very true! I hope THT sees this and also that some cough people cough stop accusing the community of degrading Hopscotch! Thanks so much @Kitty4U!

(I didn’t know you were a hacker lol)


I think Kitty4U was mad. I don’t see any good reason either. : (




yeah, i

hey, mind reading the topic?


thanks lol


then you would know that it’s not the arts fault


But it sounded like it was. To me.
Sorry, I have a strong mind about people thinking art clogs Hopscotch. : (


Yep, I defiantly agree with this! I absolutely hate it when this happens! THT said they fixed it though… I mean, I haven’t seen this problem much anymore.


Point 1; true (I don’t do it now, but I kinda regret myself for doing those types of things when I was unexperienced in HS… Gulp)
Point 2; also true, VERY true. Specially on an iPad 2. Before, Hopscotch was super smooth. Now, I had to wait half an hour to open a project, and I cannot complain bc I still have problems with my account.
Point 3; true, although they have been working on it.

Good topic btw!