Hopscotch running super slow?


I am working on a new project that involves a lot of clones and values. Recently, every time I try to add in a new piece of code or type in a number, it takes about 5 seconds to load. It really slows down my working time and it is hard to work on the project this way. It only happens with projects that have a lot of code. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

EDIT: I fixed it, thanks everyone for your help!

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Delay built up due to lots of code

This has happened to me before, but it was on an older iPad with lots of code. I think it was a combanation of both when that happened. The movement speed slowed down by a fraction of 4

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I think it's the file size bug thingamajig. @ThinBuffalo has a program to fix it.


I can send you a couple of videos showing you the slowness when I get home. I bet it's the same thing. What kind of computer/iPad do you use?


Thanks! I use an iPad mini 2.


Yes, it's a known issue with Hopscotch. There is a bug where every time you open a project it will duplicate some code in the JSON file unnecessarily, which increases the file size a lot and makes the project laggy.


Yeah, when I got a new iPad, the code sped up by a lot. That's probably what is happening since the iPad Mini 2 has an A5 processor, while the newer ones have an A10. Hopscotch used to only allow 512 clones, and that made my old iPad haywire. Now that it's 4096 clones, it will be extremely laggy (I'm assuming your using a lot of clones for a moving artwork). If you remember MagmaPOP's 3D paint pad (Link), my iPad couldn't even run it. Now my new iPad can run it just fine. I think your code is great, it's just to powerful for an iPad Mini 2.

Yeah, it's the clones that are killer
It's really weird too, since iPad's are supposed to handle millions of clones and object running at once..


Do you think there is any way to fix the lag?


@ThinBuffalo wrote a Windows exe program to reduce the lag temporarily


The only way for me was to get a new iPad. I had the exact same trouble as you:
Laggy clones
Typing in the code bars are slow
Projects take a while to run

It still sort of happens to me on the iPad I use now. It's pretty frustrating


As far as I know, there is no way to fix it. I get the same thing on complex-ish projects, but the other time this happens is on drafts you have had for a long time.
It seems that the more complex and old the project is, the more it glitches.
One thing that I do when this happens is use copy and paste-if I have to write more than a sentence or so for instructions or credits, I go to another site, write what I want to write, and copy it into the set text block.


@JonnyGamer no you don't need a new iPad. It will help but it is also a problem with the Hopscotch app. THT is aware of the issue but are taking a while to release a fix


yes it does a lot

on my recent mail project (on featured), it took about 20 seconds just to delete 3 numbers and type them back in with new ones

i'm surprised i pulled through


Oh, that's great! Yeah, I knew it was a bug in the code, but I didn't know if THT was going to help it. Running things on Python or Scratch that are complex have no trouble running at all


Yeah, this is what happens to me (congrats on featured btw!)


This especially happens when you have code written that does something when two objects collide.


Unfortunately last I heard, THT is short of developers :confused:


Yeah I have noticed that too.


This is why when we grow up, we should help Hopscotch
(Although sadly they might be disbanded by then..)


Have you updated to the latest update in iOS? Which is 10.3.2? That might help.....