Hopscotch Rule, which makes chats way fairer



Lol. Is fairer even a word? Thnx so so so so much, hopscotch team. Have you realised that you can't publish something without using at least one piece of code? Well that's right. For the chatter boxes out there, this is the warning!


But you can just use a set color block :confused:


What hopscotch rule?


There must be at least ONE block of code you make in every project, unless it is a remix.


Oh. I knew that before, I just didn't know what she was talking about.


But you can actually just put "When the play button is tapped", and you can publish.


Oh. Didn't know that.


Or put an empty ability. But there has to be at least one rule in all the code, which is a problem.


Oh. No more drawing. Sorry Artists. But just why exactly are drawings and remixes on Trending when theres no code that the remixer put in. Just a drawing. Or remix.


Yes, they can draw. You don't have to put any of your own code in remixes.


Oh. False alarm. Lol.


Sad there is so much chatting. I did a roleplay or two back in the day, but that was over when I saw all of the "Hopscotch is for Coding!" projects...