Hopscotch Roast Session


Hi there!

In this topic, you will have to "roast" a particular person.

No going to far please! This is supposed to be a topic where people laugh, not to be taken seriously if someone raps you. If someone disrespects you, please flag it.

Thank you! Now get on to the roasts!
(Sorry, no fresh roasted meat)

Why was @friendship2468 banned?
SpreadPositivity- Anonymous
Happiness - The forum needs it!

You have such good ideas that everybody is copying your profile picture!


You are so cool, ice cubes freeze when you are by them


That is not sop posed to be offensive


@LGBT.Coder You're so gay that everyone wants to be your friend.

Get Rekt m9erino


@SmileyAlyssa you are so smiley, you made Sadness from Inside Out crack a smile
Would you like some cream for that burn?!


@SmilingSnowflakes you are so nice that ordinary fragments of cloud and mist turn into rainbows whenever you touch them!


Apply cold water to the burned area XD


@MYD you are so awesome Taylor Swift personally congratulated you for being so awesome!!
Roasted, toasted, and fried!!


GTG. Will think of more burns in the car on the way to Midevil Times. Yay!!


@Fun_in_the_Sun you are so happy, that you make Joy from Inside Out jealous

Don't know if that was a roast or not, I don't know how to roast people XD


Yep that is a really nice roast! Thanks for that.


@Fluffymarshmellow Shei Len looks like the kid of Sans and Len kagamine.

Luckily I like both.


You're so gay that when Tyler Oakley saw you, he fainted from the rainbows emitting from your soul.


@CreativeCoder Can we do something like this...


like what...?

I mean, this is the topic XD


@everyone is so amazing at coding that they broke the forum.
Idk lol I'm bad at roasts


I can't really roast ;-;

@Wookie your so good at coding MagmaPOP needed help from you!

See? ;-;


@SmileyAlyssa :joy::joy::joy:

Roasted @MagmaPOP :joy:


@SmileyAlyssa you're so happy that even @AHappyCoder is in awe of your happiness.
Lol wut have I just done
See this is why I can't roast
(No offense to either of you, you are both insanely happy :blush:)