Hopscotch Rewind



This is basically like the "Youtube Rewind" but with hopscotch! I will be putting together clips of hopscotch projects and stuff related to hopscotch, with background music, cool transitions, and more! I will put the final video here when it is finished. If anybody has suggestions or comments, leave em here!

Projects Included

Lightrail, RawrBear
Helicopter Rescue, MagmaPOP
Vaccinate Yo Kids, ADHDJ
Cool! Please Try!, CutiesCuties
Dots Endless Mode, Game Coder
Lemonade Stand, -Madi-
Beach Volleyball, SuperSwaggy88
Don’t Get 30, PurpleHawk
Moon Quest 3, Etalix
2048, t1
Kaleidoscope Draw, Valgo:zap:️:zap::zap:

Suggestions for projects to include? Leave em in a reply!


I'm doing something like that....



Awesome idea! I should do this too! :smile:

Are you going to put Lightrail in this? :yum:


Now that you mentioned it.... Yeah, I probably will.


Cool! Not that I was asking you to put it in... :sweat_smile:


can you put helicopter rescue in it?


I'm can't do the music at the moment, can you work in the project first?

Hurry hurry


K that's fine


Of course! It did have some really cool 2.5D graphics.


You should include all of these projects in it!


@OrangeScent1 can u publish the draft? If you can, don't unpub


Um... Guys? @OrangeScent1 @Follow4LikesOfficial
I'd rather you create your own topic for this.


I didn't work on it :worried:
Sorry, I got caught up in the other topic, and also we got a surprise visit from someone :sweat_smile:


Oh sorry! Let's go to the other one


I was gonna do something like that!


xD. You could help if you want?


ok. I'm quite good at video editing...


I can give you a first draft when my iPad finishes the software update. In the meantime, any ideas on projects to add?


Oh thank god, I was doing something on hopscotch, not YouTube :sweat_smile:


@oio's yantris and parallax?
@Curved_Guitar's soccer star?
aster S.' escape the maze?
@AHappyCoder's lazer snake?
@MagmaPOP's pop the lock, SUSHI CHEF and canoe adventure?
purplehawk's 3D walkman and globe generator?
@Valgo's Caligraphy pad and beatronics alpha?
Axolotl's Ocean fight! , draw & play and Nyan cat adventure?

I can't think of any more!
sorry for the bad spelling!