Hopscotch restaurant! Open for business! Come on in!



Welcome to the hopscotch restaurant
Now open!

Cooks: @GameCodingCrazy123 @background_inc @Yusamac205 @Aariv @tankt2016

Waiter: @Yusamac205 @GameCodingCrazy123

We will open for business as soon as we have a cook and a waiter

The coding Kitchen

Menu (ask your waiter for specials)

Grilled cheese
Soup (changes daily) tomato



This seems interesting, but how do you serve the food?


You make the food by coding projects or drawing pictures of the food ordered.


I’ll be a cook, then if I can join!


That’s really cool and clever. What a good idea!


Can I be a cook? I think this is a great idea


Yay! Can I get a job?


Hello @Amulet_10


I’ll be a cook too! Your idea is great!


I’ll join I guess …


You have to if you dont want to. If you to though, we still need a waiter or you could be a cook


Wait, could I be both?


Are you copying @010?

I don’t really care.

Don’t do conspiracies or they’ll be a documentary about it.

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Yes I think that would work.


I’d like to work part time as a waiter and part time as a cook. I’ll also help do the dishes.


Since we have enough staff, we can open for business!

For cooks: Waiters will give you orders. You will code a project or draw a picture for the dish ordered. Each of you can have a special dish (not one of the ones on the menu) that customers can only order from you.

For waiters: When customers order something, give the order to one of the chefs. Make sure the orders are divided up evenly. Check the menu for chef specials and soups.


If you want to quit, just tell me.


Great! You should tag people since we’re open for business


We are now open for business


Can I have chicken noodle soup please