Hopscotch Research Center



Welcome to the Hopscotch Reseach Topic!
Here, we will be taking graphs and analyzing numbers about the app Hopscotch. There are a countless amount of topics to find information on. Some ideas include:

  • Hopscotchers’ opinions (on a scale) on the quality of Featured projects over a span of time
  • How many new projects are made per day (idea by @Petrichor)
  • How many likes Featured projects get over a span of time
  • The amount of Featured projects that have sound effects vs no sound effects

You can research anything you would like that is related to Hopscotch. You may graph your information on paper or on an app (I prefer the Numbers app), and post screenshots! Here’s a website to help you with graphing!

So start gathering information now, and help the community learn a little bit more about our great app, Hopscotch! :smiley:

Have fun, @pomtl!!!

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Here’s a topic I did (I still need some more information, though)


very schmooxy

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Hmmm seems interesting. I like this topic


I don’t have the numbers app right now but I will get it once I can


I’m gonna do the featured section


@TeaCup, you didn’t post anything. Maybe try to take it out of the < >?



Thanks! It’s not that complicated though,,


I was about to tag you, but I forgot where you posted the table
Also (since you’re so awesome) I used your flag counter idea, too
Oops I’ll give you credit for that idea then


Mind if I graph it?


No I don’t mind mind all.

I’m going to graph it anyway once I’m done

Edit: interesting results for today @DECODECO @AwesomeNachos


Have fun


@TeaCup, why’d you change your name? Flagg is so much bettar.


ye maties

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What app is that?


I believe it comes automatically on an iOS device; Numbers.


No not automatically


It came with my iPhone…


Not with mine, maybe it depends on when you got the phone and what device it is