Hopscotch Remix Issue


Hello @VanillaOwl!

Please don't take their criticism, threats, harsh words, judgements, or whatever that is negatively expressed too harshly; although that may be impossible.

I did what I can to help the situation and I would like for you to know that. Thank you for your support and standing up for me throughout all my tough times as well.

I coded the project for people to enjoy and share ... never did I imagined that people would be fighting over the copyrights.

Try to enjoy your day ... don't let negative things bother you ... and smile!


This makes me very sad, thank you for the kind words though. I appreciate it very much


Let's see the truth.

You have followers - me, and many others!
The first amendment says you have the right to speak your mind.
Beauty is in the eyes of beholder ... if they can't appreciate your art style, it's on them, not on you.
A threat is never a wise choice - an empty promise.

So, do you see sadness in the truth? I don't. So ... be confident, please!


She's probably jealous. She even has a heart after her name, like yours! :wink:


Smile hehe sorry I'm replying late but smile is what I say!!! Lol wait you said it before me sk it's what you say? Idk I'm just bored


k @SmilingSnowflakes :P


k @Follow4LikesOfficial. :P


k @SmilingSnowflakes :P


k @Follow4LikesOfficial :P


k @SmilingSnowflakes :P


k @SmilingSnowflakes