Hopscotch Remembrance Day Competition 2021 (Unofficial)

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Remembrance Day 2021! Competition & Raffle Part 2: Competition

There is a Raffle & A Competition going on @ The same time, prizes may come slowly as I need to hand out seeds for the raffle too.

Challenge: Create a game that shows that you care about those who served our countries. Or make a game about that :sunny:

Add #Remember21 To The Title Of Your Game

(Sorry For Double Tag) @Evilcoders


1st Post!
Please share your games here


I’ll try to make something for this!
Is the deadline on December 7th (since that’s the day of Remembrance Day. It’s also my birthday haha) or some time before?


Remembrance Day is on the 11th

The deadline is the 21st


I made a mistake haha
Remembrance Day is on the 11th for the UK, Australia, and Canada. But it is on Dec. 7th for the U.S.
So that’s where I got confused :sweat_smile:



It’s the 11th for me….

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We have Veterans Day on the 11th so yesterday in the us

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