"Hopscotch related" Topics


Okay, so some of these topics really aren't really related to Hopscotch so they just put "let's make projects of ___" for example

See, the hopscotch forum is for help with code, sharing projects, etc.
But it's not for talking about your favorite tv shows. General topics and some things that might help promote socialization. But not "Hey guys look at this fried chicken I just ate lol make projects with your favorite fried chicken bye"

what do you think?

  • yes, I think every topic should be HS related.
  • you know some off topic topics here and there are fine.
  • nah fam I love off topic topics there DA BEST



Awesome topic!


Thanks fren!


Nice topic, I totally agree :)


I agree! Great topic!


Totally agree! You are so right!


From time to time I think we should be aloud to get a little off topic but I think all topics should be hopscotch related. :0