Hopscotch-Related Riddles & Questions!


Before you flag, this is related to Hopscotch. For example:
P1: What was the last Feature by @CreationsOfaNoob?
P2: Make an Animation!
P1: Correct!
That was a short one, a tougher one is:
P1: What was @SmileyAlyssa's first Feature?
P2: I pass, I do not know.
P3: Is it "Level 1: Escape from the barn DONE!"?
P1: Nope, that was her first project.
P2: I know! My Holiday Card w/mini games v1.1!
P1: Correct!


What is my little Sister's account? :smiling_imp:


I'm not sure! :joy:


I published something about it in December. SmilingSnowflakes did her model request.






Well, I'm on the computer, so I can't look it up.


What was MagmaPOP's first game and how long was it published ago?
I know you are looking it up!


Level 1 done?? About 60 weeks ago?


Who was in the first (unfinished) collab I did on this account?


Nope, I said MagmaPOP. But the time was close, to be priscie, it was 67 weeks ago, maybe 68.


A random unfinished Collab :D


Not sure, I will pass.


Who XD


Yuuu xD


What project was my first trending?



A quiz? :P


Nope! :smile:


How many Spaghetti accounts do I currently have?


Help Star Girl!!!!!...