Hopscotch Related Quotes!


I need some Hopscotch related quotes for my birthday project!

If I like yours, it will go into the project! I need a lot! :D


(I tried to do captain falcon.)




So...Ya like that?


Maybe "The best coding is hard coding"?




Ok I made one up.

Sorry for the caps


stay determined! no matter what, keep coding!


I don't think that's very nice. Because, some unfamous Hopscotchers could get angry and quit.


Just keep coding, just keep coding..



No that's what happens if you break the begging rule


I need more, and quick! :D


Let me think of one. :smile:


Hopscotch is for the iPad, not the ground.
(Lol fail)


I need more! :D


Quotes please! :D


Sorry! I can't do many at the time. I'll come back later at a better time for me! :slight_smile:


People have one purpose in life.
To code on Hopscoctch. - @Fun_in_the_Sun


OMG wow this game is legendary - @Sugarisyummy


"Every game , art , or anything else you make improves your skills by a tiny bit"

"Code On!"

"Code can be interpreted as a helpful way to school grades"

"If you heard it, code it!"

"It's funny to see how kids like us code so well"

"What you can see... Is the power of code"

All made by Razor


"It's not a bug, it's a feature."