Hopscotch related memes



The memes are back! This time there's no competition and no inspiration picture! Here's an example 'When you're making a draft and your iPad crashes, just think at least it was something to do!'. Well maybe not quite as bad as that! I use way to many exclamation marks.


I think there are quite a few topics about this. :wink:


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Can u pls stahp spamming w/ the x-files theme song?


Elmo Agrees


I'm ok...


My mom used to love that show so whenever I hear it I always think of the actual show and not illuminati :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, back to the point: There are many topics on this, so why not post there?


I did :slight_smile:


I can't tell if your serious or joking lol


Serious, in a joking manner.