Hopscotch Related Mad Libs Game!



So, I searched before I posted and found one topic similar to this. But, it wasn't related to Hopscotch. (I searched the words Mad Libs. Please tell me if there is a topic like this!)

Mad Libs is a game that is normally played with two or more people, but is possible to play by yourself.

So. Like Hopscotch? Like Mad Libs? This is...

Hopscotch Related Mab Libs!

So, there will be a post that is editable below this. It is most the first reply. You can edit your own Hopscotch Related Mab Libs for people to do there. If it is not related, I will edit it out. So please, please make it related to Hopscotch.

Here is a Mab Libs for you guys!:

Mab Libs Story #1

Hopscotch is a/an [adjective] game. It is for [plural noun] of all ages. You can code anything from [popular app] to a trail art [noun] So [verb] home, hop on your [noun], and go on Hopscotch!

Yes, that was short. The stories are usually 3 or 4 times as long as that.

Have fun! Make sure to share your silly and wacky stories!


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The wrenches and nopes

There was a battle between the [plural noun] and the [plural noun]. So, all the wrenches and nopes decided to [verb] up in a project for the ultimate battle. As a hopscotcher would enter, the first thing they'd [verb] is [adjective] signs screaming things like

[plural noun] 4 EVER!!!


GO [plural noun]!!!!!!

As soon as everyone took their [plural noun], the battle began. The Hopscotchers were at the opposite ends of the [noun], the horn blew [adverb], which scared most of the crowd, as they all screamed, "[exclamation]!"
So the hopscotchers then [adverb] [past tense verb] at each other. When they were about to [same verb, present tense] each other, at the last second they each pulled out their [plural nouns] and started to code on the [adjective] ground right in front of each other. Sadly, the projects were all equally good, so they could not decide who won that round.


I made this on actual mad libs
But the image is too tall so i will write it out

the comeback kid

"@Gilbert189 is back!" Thats what thousands of complicated fans kept shouting at the top of their lungs as the san francisco wrenches defeated the miami nopes 24 to 19.
After almost two years of sitting on the trail art chair with his broken leader toolbelt in a bucket of trail art sodastream, football great @Gilbert189 returned to the game and led his team to an awesome victory. In addition to running for two projects and throwing a summer contest breaking twelve judges in a row, he saved the game by recovering a code on the 12-yard project.


@CreativeCoder @Bananadog

Proof that Wrenches are better than Nopes. >:D


I will destroy you.

But I have more important things to do (not watching YouTube).


@Gilbert189 @CreativeCoder



*gets idea

By the way, let's make sure not to get too off topic in here. c:


Boom revive :0001010001010


Congration! You Done It!


Hopscotch is a/an [AMAZING] game. It is for [flying pigs] of all ages. You can code anything from [flappy bird] to a trail art [toilet XD] So [crawl] home, hop on your [hamburgur], and go on Hopscotch!



That is literally the most amazing thing ever. XD


XD I love Mad Libs. XD


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