Hopscotch recording not saved


So uhh i was recording a video for my youtube channel and when i stopped recording i hit the save button and it’s not in my camera roll.

Help?? I dont wanna record the video again???


What device are you using?


IPad mini I think


Did you screen record or did you record with the camera?


I used the built in red dot thing in the corner


So you screen recorded?


I guess

Share your ideas with THT!

Approximately how long was the video?


Idk about 18 minutes


Did the screen recording button look like this when you stopped it?


I used the built in feature on HS. I have like iOS 9 or something


The built in Hopscotch recording feature was removed due to iOS 11 release.


Well I still have it so yeah

Probably cuz I’m on iOS 9


I think the functionality of the feature isn’t working because they removed it


I’m sorry but I don’t think the built in recording feature works anymore even if you are in the earlier versions of Hopscotch


No it still works

I just tested it


Use the iPad screen recorder.
ah shoot it’s only available on iOS 11


He’s using iOS 9
Which is a very old version


Maybe long videos don’t save as fast or long videos don’t save


iOS 9 is ancient technology