Hopscotch rant game thingy


So. I have a game. Basically, you are given a topic, and then you have to go on a rant about it. It's kinda TUBM style, as in you will give your rant, then below that give the next person a topic to rant about. The rant can be positive or negative, and is not supposed to be serious. For example, a passionate rant about mattresses. But the topic has to be hopscotch related, as this is the HS forum! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alrighty, first topic: Artists on HS


What does rant mean?


To speak agressivly about somthing. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner."
From urban dictionary


Thank U Senpai :D


to rant is to speak impassionately and loudly and angrily for a short period of time, particularily about a subject that is to one's frustration.


Yep! But for the sake of forumness, don't make it to agressive!


ok so artists on hopscotch (heh this is pretty ironic lol)
they take up literally the entire trending section, which doesn't really making it fun anymore, as only 1 percent is actual projects. and most people remix off of someone else's drawing pad, which is pretty darn unoriginal.

and it's hard to draw on hopscotch so kudos to people who can


alright yeah speaking of your dubbed "forumness" and "agressive"

how, exactly, do you see this debate on "artists on hs" being worked out? by suggesting it, do you mean it as a "list reasons why artists should be exterminated", "wow artists are so underrated", "i'm so angry at how sassy artists are", et cetera

i know you might be going for open-ended debate but still man :///

the example you listed—mattresses—is very good at convincing us that this will remain a nice cute and friendly discussion.

but then for your debut topic you choose??? one of the more controversial (heh) topics on this forum???

and, okay, this is the thing. mattresses aren't real people. artists are.

do you really think, by including the term "rant" in the title, that everyone who comes here is going to be happy-go-lucky about the subject? honestly i think you might want to include a rule for "no singling out people" or such, because this is like setting up a stadium, bringing in gladiators, provoking them, and then yelling at them not to fight


Cool! Do you want to come up with a topic for someone else? I can give you one if you can't decide


uh the mattress one


Ok, sorry. Yah, I guess I could have thought it out more.


Can a leader close this please?

Idk any leader personally so...


Ranting is awesome!

Here's what I gotta say about artists:

I do believe that there should not be as much art projects on trending. But it might be that less coding projects are made? I dunno. Also, I feel like most of them use hashtags a lot.

This part will be more offensive, you have been warned:

I just can't understand those new accounts with there first project usually being titled "Hi!" with a drawing. I know most of this is old drama, but rarely, it still occurs. It's just so confusing.


Ok, let's restart—

Remix glitches on Hopscotch


There are many remixing glitches in hopscotch, so i will talk about the one where the remix tag disappears

Doing this on purpose is just rude... It doesn't only make people very confused, but the people who know it's a glitch can be /coughannoyed/ I mean bothered by it. It's just like stealing all of the credit, and no one likes it.

new topic: begging for likes


I mean, begging for likes is really unnatural.. You need to grow as a coder and be yourself. :)

Next up: MakeHopscotchGayAgain (profile)


Could not find the profile.

But I have heard recently they have been arguing with people who are against LGBTQ+.

This kind of arguing is definitely unnecessary for a kids coding app, and can be controversial in a bad way.

Next thingy: people who imitate famous hopscotchers


Should I close this?


You can't close topics, sadly. Only leaders (THT) can close them.


I do have Hopsotch artists that I appreciate
But honestly the majority of the drawings are just meh

Ranting is fun BTW