Hopscotch Radio! (needs songs! 😋)



Hi. I'm making a radio in Hopscotch that plays Hopscotchified songs. You read the title.

I need some songs in Hopscotch! It's okay if you already made them, I'd just need your permission to use it, and a link! You can also make one now if you want.

Songs can't be in a repeat forever block, so tell me if it should be repeated a certain number of times. Also tell me any per special things you'd need for it.

You will get credit for your song, obviously.

Current version I'm making will include:
-songs randomly playing after each other
-"cover art" per song with info/credit
-maybe more?

Future versions:
-more songs
-skip button




I'll try finding sheet music for that if no one has it/made it already.


I know I said this already, but you have permission to use the music I hopscotchified

This is how you should give credit:

I do not own any of the music (unless you made one up for the radio), and then (give credit to people who have hopscotchified)


I know how to make it!


Thanks! And its going to have who it's credited to as the song plays.


Ok anyways someone made it for me here is da link:


It was made by YellowRose!


K time to get side-by-side iPads to copy code.

(puts on game face)



If you have newer iPad you can take screenshots then use the side bar!


Wait I need to hear your songs where are they


That's it I'm done


I'm not going to acknowledge you if all you're going to do is revive useless topics.


lets go 2 years